Telescopic Window Glass Wiper Cleaner Brush With Spray Head


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Easily clean both sides of your windows without climbing a ladder!  Just open the window to clean the outside of it without putting yourself in danger on a ladder or by leaning out and straining to reach the far side.

Simplify window cleaning and save time. The wide scraper design quickly covers a large surface area, and the microfiber mat absorbs moisture immediately! Assemble the microfiber washer and squeegee while wiping and absorbing water, wipe and dry once! Complete your cleaning work quickly and perfectly! No streaks dry!

 The longitudinal rotating head can be rotated by 180°. The laterally rotating wiper can be rotated 360°. The angle can be adjusted by pressing the spin button to ensure that there is no dead space for cleaning. The rods can be stretched in the range of 30″- 61″ (75-155 cm), ensuring easy cleaning at heights. The U-shaped tube is convenient for outdoor cleaning. Spray cleaning can be done by gently pressing the trigger.

A detergent can be added to the water storage bottle to spray the foam, and water can be sprayed by adding water. High toughness silicone strip is not easy to scratch the glass and has a long service life.  The lightweight aluminum alloy rod has high strength, is not easy to rust, and is not easily deformed. The cotton cloth can be recycled and can be removed for replacement and cleaning.


  • Color: Light blue
  • Scraper Width: 11 in (27 cm)
  • Material: ABS, aluminum, fine fiber cotton
  • Adjustable length: 24 – 53 in. (60 – 135 cm)
  • Rode Size: (W x H) 10″ x 20″ (26 X 50 cm)

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 Window Glass Wiper Cleaner Brush Features:

  • 360 degree brush head rotation via button
  • Silicone strip is soft, durable and will not scratch the glass
  • Suitable for glass, mirrors, sliding doors, and smooth surface cleaning
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable and it is very convenient to operate.
  • Cleanser or water placed into bottle for efficient cleaning according your own need
  • Strong and telescopic rod; enough length to clean high outdoor windows without the need for a ladder or stool