Professional Adjustable Soldering Iron Tool Kit


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  • Heats Up Quickly: Using high quality ceramic heater (2 minutes or so).
  • Adjustable temperature with thermostat range 392~842 F (200~450 C).
  • Easy to Use:  No need for a soldering station, just plug in and use.
  • Has power switch that is easy to control. 
  • Soft grip handle designed for maximum comfort and can reduce slippage.
  • 6 different interchangeable tips from broad chisel to super fine for a variety of different projects.
  • Easy to store:  Tool carry case is rather convenient to store small tools and easy to carry.
  • This soldering kit is great for home DIY electronics repair and wiring projects.
  • Energy-saving and Eco-friendly: Use the latest energy-saving technology, ultra-high energy efficiency radio.  The actual power consumption of 60W soldering iron is about 16W, more energy saving and environmental protective.


  • Material: Iron, Plastic & Faux Leather
  • Power: US Plug – 110V, 60W
  • Adjustable Temp. Range:  392~842 F (200~450 C)
  • Soldering Iron Size:  7.7*0.8″ / 195*20mm (L*W)
  • Power Cable Length: Approx. 4.6ft / 1.4m


How to solder 

Caution: Be careful not to burn yourself while using the soldering iron.  Work in a well ventilated area and try to not inhale the fumes that are released from the solder when it melts.  During use, the soldering iron can be placed on the iron stand or set flat on your work surface, but make sure the tip is not touching the work surface while it is hot. The metal parts of soldering iron should have good ventilation.  Place the tip in a protected area when heating, otherwise there is the risk of burning or melting items it touches, including the work surface where it is placed.  Please do not hang the soldering iron from the cord while hot.

  1. Clean the wires or electrical components to be joined
  2. Clean soldering iron tip and “tin” all faces of tip with a coating of solder 
  3. Wet sponge on stand and use it to wipe excess solder off of tip
  4. Use tweezers and other tools in kit to handle electrical components while hot, but do not touch them with your bare hands.
  5. Apply heat to wires or electrical components to be joined, not solder.
  6. Apply flux-core solder to heated parts, not the soldering tip, and heat it until solder melts and flows freely.
  7. Excess solder can be sucked up with the “solder sucker” included in this kit

Please do not adjust the soldering iron temperature to 842 F (450 C) for a long time.  The excessive temperature will accelerate oxidation of the soldering iron, which will degrade the performance of the soldering iron over time.  Please use a sponge to wipe it clean after using.  Re-tin the soldering tips when finished to protect them from oxidation.  When the soldering iron is not in immediate use adjust the temperature down to 392 F (200 C).  If you’re not using soldering iron for a long time, the power supply should be turned off. 

Professional Adjustable Soldering Iron Tool Kit Features:

  • 18 IN 1 60W Electric Soldering Iron Kit Adjustable Temperature Welding Starter Tool Kit
  • Five soldering iron tips to handle different basic soldering jobs
  • Soft grip handle design for maximum comfort and reduced slippage
  • Easy to use. No need for a soldering station, just plug in and use
  • Adjustable tip temperature
  • Comes  with a carrying case that makes it handy for transporting all the parts together. 
  • It makes an amazing gift for your friends or family members who are hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts or soldering beginners.