The Tome of Blighted Horrors – Fifth Edition [Paperback] Frog God Games


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This book is a Blight GM’s best friend; it takes the 24 new monsters and templates found in the Bestiary chapter of _The Blight GM Guide_ and breaks them out into a separate book before adding more than 50 additional new Blight and Between monsters to this mix and bringing the total up to over 80 new monsters. In addition, this book provides new universal monster rules and compiles new subtypes and feats in existing Frog God Games Tomes of Horrors into a single book for ease of reference. To round it all out, the appendices provide a complete listing of the monsters in this book by type and subtype, by CR, and by terrain, as well as, lists of monsters as PCs and monsters that can be trained. Don’t go into a game with your players unarmed. Take _The Tome of Blighted Horrors_ with you, and let them know the danger of venturing into The Blight