BCW Elite 2 Matte Card Sleeves -Teal (100)


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Color:Teal BCW introduces the next evolution in card sleeves. Elite-2 Deck
Guards exceed the competition in quality and value and excel in protection.
They made the sleeve longer (93mm) to better accommodate inner sleeves. They
lined the back with an extra black layer to make it completely opaque. Elite
Deck Guards are premium, heavy gauge card sleeves sturdy enough to shield your
cards while the textured back makes them ultra shuffleable and easy to handle.
The Elite Deck Guards fit standard cards and work well as either a single-
layer sleeve or double sleeved with an inner sleeve. Elite Deck Guards will
help you look like a pro; strong seams and glossy, clear front make your cards
pop when you eclipse your opponent, but without overwhelming your budget. Look
for the gold dragon and you’ll know you’ve found the best value in the
tournament scene. Use BCW Deck Guards to protect Magic: the Gathering (MTG),
Pokemon, Legend of the Five Rings (L5R), Key Forge, Dragonball, Transformers
TCG, Force of Will, Card Fight Vanguard, Final Fantasy TCG, and other CCG