Warhammer 40K: Conquest – What Lurks Below War Pack


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I can think of few greater xenos threats to the Imperium than that of the
Genestealer. An apex predator possessed of intelligence and cunning that rival
our own, they exist for the sole purpose of reproducing in vast numbers and
sowing utter chaos in their wake. -Inquisitor Kalistradi in The Nature of the
BeastThe space hulk Kaerux Erameas has crash landed on the surface of
Sacaellum, spilling forth legions of Chaos warriors devoted to Khorne. But as
these Chaos warriors join the fight, a dark presence stirs in the abandoned
space hulk. Long dormant, a host of Tyranid Genestealers have caught the scent
of blood outside the barren lower levels of the voidship. As they swarm out of
the Kaerux Erameas onto the surface of Sacaellum, the Tyranids may overwhelm
all other armies with their endless hunger.What Lurks Below is the fourth pack
in the Planetfall cycle, bringing another faction to bear on the fight for
Sacaellum. Here, you will find cards that support the main themes of the cycle
by bringing new significance to the planet type symbols and inviting you to
fight for your factions unique goals. This War Pack also offers a new Tyranids
Genestealer warlord and his eight card signature squad as well as fifty one
other cards (three copies each of seventeen distinct cards) to swell the
armies of other factions. You can swarm out of the Kaerux Erameas with the
Tyranids. You can declare a holy crusade with the Black Templars. You may even
travel across the sector instantaneously in a corrupted teleportarium. In What
Lurks Below, every faction gains new ways to wage war and new reasons to