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Product description A non-stop action movie set in Egypt! If you’re
expecting bandaged-wrapped corpses and a lurching Boris Karloff-type villain,
then you’ve come to the wrong movie. But if outrageous effects, a hunky hero,
and some hearty laughs are what you’re looking for, the 1999 version of The
Mummy is spectacularly good fun. Yes, the critics called it “hokey,” “cheesy,”
and “pallid.” Well, the critics are unjust. Granted, the plot tends to stray,
the acting is a bit of a stretch, and the characters occasionally slip into
cliché, but who cares? When that action gets going, hold tight–those two
hours just fly by. The premise of the movie isn’t that far off from the
original. Egyptologist and general mess Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) discovers a map
to the lost city of Hamunaptra, and so she hires rogue Rick O’Connell (Brendan
Fraser) to lead her there. Once there, Evelyn accidentally unlocks the tomb of
Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo), a man who had been buried alive a couple of millennia
ago with flesh-eating bugs as punishment for sleeping with the pharaoh’s
girlfriend. The ancient mummy is revived, and he is determined to bring his
old love back to life, which of course means much mayhem (including the
unleashing of the 10 plagues) and human sacrifice. Despite the rather gory
premise, this movie is fairly tame in terms of violence; most of the magic and
surprise come from the special effects, which are glorious to watch, although
Imhotep, before being fully reconstituted, is, as one explorer puts it, rather
“juicy.” Keep in mind this film is as much comedy as it is adventure–those
looking for a straightforward horror pic will be disappointed. But for those
who want old-fashioned eye-candy kind of fun, The Mummy ranks as one of
choicest flicks of 1999. –Jenny Brow