Normandy: The Beginning of The End


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Normandy: The Beginning of the End is a standalone game in the War Storms
series. Recreates the events of those days and allows the players to reproduce
the most famous battles of the D-Day on the American beaches at a tactical
level. Players take command of either the Allied or Axis forces (or can play
solitaire) in the tactical battles of each scenario. Normandy: The Beginning
of the End, while utilizing “Paths to Hell” standard rules, incorporates new
and adapted rules and additions for this new front. The WSS promises many
hours of fierce fighting between the infantry, tanks, artillery and aircraft
belonging to the armies enveloped in this conflict. Just a few of the
additions include: Landings Battalion officers Paratroopers rules Recon rules
Amphibious Tanks Waffen SS Fallschirmjäger Free French troops One A4 chart
with many overlays including a whole beach making a large map. Normandy: The
Beginning of the End has a moderate complexity with good solitaire
suitability. The system emphasizes the role of officers. Officers can activate
units, coordinate with other officers and their units, call for artillery
support, air support, smoke screens, influence moral checks, coordinate
assaults, and much more. Rules for special actions