Mortal Kombat XL (PlayStation 4, 2016) US/Canada Version – Brand NEW! [video game]


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Mortal Kombat XL (PlayStation 4) US/Canada Version – Brand NEW!

Product Overview

  • Platform: PS4

Mortal Kombat XL includes the full Mortal Kombat X game and a variety of
downloadable content (DLC). The previously released DLC packs add numerous
character skins and the playable characters Tremor, Tanya, Goro, Jason
Voorhees, and Predator. New to the Mortal Kombat XL release are the characters
Tri-borg, Bo’Rai Cho, Leatherface, and a Xenomorph from the Alien film
franchise, as well as the Pit Stage environment and even more character skins.
Mortal Kombat X’s story mode begins at the conclusion of the previous Mortal
Kombat title and extends 25 years into the future, letting gamers control a
variety of new fighters, as well as aging veterans and their progeny. Each of
the character variations offers new special moves and Fatalities, and the game
resurrects the sprint gauge as well as Brutality finishing moves. Developer
NetherRealm Studios have also imported some features from their popular
superhero fighting title Injustice: Gods Among Us, including battles that take
place on a two-dimensional plane but feature 3D backgrounds and contain a
variety of interactive objects. Multiplayer fans can try a variety of modes,
including the new Faction Wars. Faction Wars is a persistent online mode in
which gamers choose to join one of five factions and then engage in online or
offline (while connected online) battles to earn points for their team. The
factions then compete against one another, with members of the week’s
victorious faction earning special rewards. The new Living Towers mode
presents players with an evolving challenge, serving up different game
conditions every hour.


  • Engage in brutal combat with new fighters and dozens of iconic characters
  • Battle on stages full of interactive backgrounds and objects
  • Join friends for online team battles in Faction Wars mode
  • XL edition adds nine more characters and numerous skins to Mortal Kombat X
  • ESRB Descriptor Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick Number of Players 1-2


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