LED Bar Light Blacklight DJ Party Lamp


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Grab your Discounted LED Bar Light Blacklight DJ Party Lamp while the Store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on!

The LED Bar Light Blacklight DJ Party Lamp is a UV party blacklight, that has a built-in premium quality 9 x 3-Watt UV LEDs (395nm Wavelength, UVA) with 120 degree of beam angle. Works great for room or 2 car garage (20 x 20ft). Easy to operate, just plug into power source (AC 100-240 V; 50/60 Hz) and play by the two-way rocker the switch. Eco-friendly replacement for the standard 18-inch fluorescent blacklight tubes with a high-output of ultraviolet wash.

The LED Bar Light Blacklight DJ Party Lamp has adjustable brightness and fully adjustable mounting brackets for wall / ceiling mount or to set on the floor, better lighting solution compared to black light bulbs and blacklight UV led strip. Neon glow party black lights and Halloween lighting, UV LED Blacklight fixture creates a special lighting effects that make fluorescent body paints and ink, balloons, candles, cosmetics, bubbles, sticks and wall stickers glow in the dark; great for bands, clubs, dance, performance stage, theatrical productions, DJ events and mobile light show.

LED Bar Light Blacklight DJ Party Lamp Features:

  • LED : 9 x 3-Watt UV LED
  • Power: 27W
  • Lighting angel: 120 degree
  • Wavelength: 395-400nm
  • Voltage: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power wire: 4.3ft
  • Plug: US / UK / EU