Dark Heaven: Bones Shub-Niggurath (77564)


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RPR77564 Shub-Niggurath Black Goat of the Woods Miniature 25mm Heroic Scale
Dark Heaven Bones Reaper Miniatures Out of the box, these incredible figures
take paint without priming. Reapers Master Series Paints cover these models
perfectly right out of the bottle, and the paint sticks – standing up to most
sorts of tabletop abuse your Friday night group would be able to dish out.
Bones polymer material reacts beautifully with cyanoacrylate adhesives. – 25mm
Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures- Contains 1 Miniatures- Integral Bases-
Unpainted polymer models- Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may
be required. Note: You may find that sometimes the thinner parts on Bones,
like spears and swords, will look a little bent. Or the figure might be
leaning back or forward too much on its ankles. If you want to straighten
those out, hold the figure with tongs or in a colander, and dip it into
boiling or near boiling water for at least a minute or two. Remove it from the
water, reposition the part, and immediately dunk it into a bowl of ice water
for at least a minute. It should hold in the new position. Important safety
notes: Please exercise caution! The Bones material may get hot when dipped in
boiling wate