Alkaline Water Bottle Quantum Hydrogen Membrane 420ml



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HYDROGEN (Alkaline) WATER IS BENEFICIAL TO THE BODY.  Improve cellular health and protection from diseases caused by free radicals. Enhance better nutrient absorption in the body and better hydration for your body. Improves muscle-tissue functions & joints mobility. Improves the quality of life of cancer patients undergoing treatment. Increase blood circulation & helps to lower saturated fat & cholesterol levels. Reduce aging to give healthy-looking skin. Detoxifies your body by neutralizing free radicals. Stabilizes health & support healing. Improves bowel movements & reduce constipation problems and more.  Activated hydrogen in hydrogen alkaline water can combine with radical, strong osmosis, Continuously enhance body blood circulation, activate body cells. 

Now you can turn your water into more without the expensive home units.  This hydrogenated water bottle turns regular tap water into a HYDROGEN RICH AND Weak Alkaline WATER: After 4-6 mins works, the H+ will up to 1100ppb and the ph value up to 7.2-9.5
SAFETY AND ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: US DuPont Membrane , advanced SPE and PEM technology make all the process safety
MULTI-HUMANIZED DESIGNS: 350ml/12oz capacity, modern home intelligent digital display, visible hydrogen production, simply operate, food grade PP material, all the features are humanized design.  CURVED ERGONOMIC BOTTLE DESIGN: Hydrogen water Ionizer bottle body is designed to concisely curved ergonomic for convenient taking and carrying, non-slip, anti-drop.  Enjoy the health benefits of hydrogenated water today.  Drink it and feel the difference. 


420ml Membrane Quantum Hydrogen Water Bottle Features:

  • 420ml (14.2 oz.) capacity.
  • Explosion-proof glass.
  • Oxygen ion separation.
  • Bottle makes Hydrogen-rich water.
  • USB Powered


Material Glass
Color Silver, black
Seals Silicone
Capacity 420ml
Size 7 x 22cm / 2.7 x 8.6inch
Weight 1000g

Package Includes:

1 x Water bottle 
1 x USB cable